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Is Mold Remediation in Jacksonville FL needed?

This is a great question we here all the time. It really depends on a number of factors. When you first see visible mold growing it is a sign that microbial growth has been occurring for a while. How one performs Mold Removal will depend on a few factors. In this brief section I will describe what to look for when examining mold growth, when to call a professional Mold Remediation company and what NOT to do when attempting to determine mold growth and the best methods for removal.

What is MOLD and when should I become concerned?

Here in Jacksonville FL we are blessed with warm temperatures, beautiful sunny days and an abundance of rain. Although most days are beautiful here, that combination of moisture and humid temperatures is the perfect scenario for microbial growth – aka MOLD.

In order for mold to grow there must be three things present. Moisture, temperature and a food source. When we talk a bout “Food sources” for mold growth this could be anything from dust to drywall. Mold loves it all.

Here in Jacksonville FL I have inspected many homes for what homeowners thought was just mildew growing around the exhaust fan in a bathroom. Again, this is the perfect environment for mold growth to occur. You have MOISTURE from the steam created when the shower is running, you have nice warm temperatures and you have dust that collects around the exhaust fan.

The dust becomes damp from the steam, mold spores exist everywhere including in that dust and now, when you turn the shower off and leave the room, microbial growth begins and you will slowly see what appears to be mildew growing around and in your fan. This is most likely Aspirigillus Mold which is a genius of mold that contains a few hundred species. Even this little amoutn should be handled VERY carefully.

WHY be careful when Removing Mold?

Care must be used in an effort to mitigate further contamination. Mold spores have this ability to aerosol-ize which means when the mold spores are disturbed either by wiping or spraying with bleach (NEVER USE BLEACH) the mold spores can explode into the air and be carried throughout a home or business.

Certified and highly trained Mold Remediation Specialists use techniques such as negative air systems, air scrubbers and new safe chemicals to remove mold and leave your home safe and withing proper air quality standards after a mold remediation project.

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