Heat Drying


heat drying water damage jacksonvilleWARNING! Before you call any restoration company to assist with water removal and drying, it is imperative that you educate yourself on the two most popular drying methods.

The first is “Conventional” drying which is what most people are familiar with. Lots of fans and many loud dehumidifiers. In addition, conventional drying usually involves a fair amount of destruction of the home. Including but not limited to baseboard removal, sheet rock cut out, carpet tear out and even cabinet removal.

With conventional drying techniques you may be setting yourself for months of hassle and headaches with reconstruction and put-back

The second method, and not very well know (yet) is the highly advanced and specialized “Thermal Transfer Drying” also know as Heat Drying. This highly specialized drying is usually reserved for LARGE losses involving commercial and institutional buildings.

With the advancements in technology our large equipment that is designed for 20,000 to 250,000 sq. ft. losses has been scientifically ‘shrunk’ to fit residential dry-outs. This is REALLY good for YOU because with our heated drying technology we can dry your home in a fraction of the time with a significant reduction in secondary damage.

Here is a video that describes how the system works.