Insurance Rights


Water damage restoration in JacksonvilleYour Rights For Water Damage

WARNING! While “most” insurance companies are very knowledgeable in regards to consumers rights, there ARE a handful out there that will give YOU the wrong information. There have been many occasions when my team arrives at a home or large business that has suffered a water loss.

As we help the client sift through the insurance issues (which can be a nightmare) we have have experienced 1-800 customer care (and I use that term lightly) telling the homeowner the following information. “Well Mrs. Jones… all I can tell you is that if you don’t use our preferred vendor I can’t promise we will cover the claim”

Insurance Lie #1

This statement that we have heard more than once is actually a bold lie. I will share the truth with you in a moment. But first, let’s examine WHY they would tell you this? In most cases it’s because they either aren’t familiar with the restoration company (not in our case… EVERY insurance company in Florida knows our name!) or it could be that they want the restoration company doing work in your home to be under their control.

Well, here IS the truth. And it’s simple.

In the State of Florida… YOU – the homeowner or the business owner has 100% control over who YOU hire and allow into YOUR home! NOT the insurance call center gal or guy.

Under Florida State insurance law, if the claim is VALID, and we help you and the insurance company determine this… then the insurance company MUST pay our Emergency mitigation charges and they MUST return your home to pre-loss condition. If they say different, you are not responsible if the claim is valid, we will simply turn it over to our Attorney and he will handle it directly with the insurance company. ** We have NEVER had to do this. Dry It Fast Water Damage Experts in Jacksonville FL are experienced, work very well with “in-field” adjusters and Dry It Fast has even performed actual dry-outs personally for many insurance agents and adjusters in the Jacksonville area. What better testimonial. When an actual agent calls us to handle their Emergency.

Don’t fall prey to cheap, inexperienced technicians making $8 an hour trying to handle a restoration / mitigation loss that needs to be handled by professionals.

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